Feb. 14th, 2015

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The first thing he was aware of was the faint call of the seagulls. And one of them nipping at his hand.

An overwhelmingly familiar ache as if he'd been hit by a truck.

The prone figure groaned and shifted slowly on the sandy ridge near the water's edge. A half clad skinny man who's pants were frayed terribly at the cuffs, his shirt and shoes missing. Bruce shivered his way to a sitting position, his brain still fuzzy from what had happened before. None of it he remembered, but he knew what had happened.

Squinting in the afternoon sun, he tried to get his bearings. He was near the wharf but not so close to the city as to hear the noise from it. He was chilled to the bone from the damp and the seagulls were hovering nearby in case he turned into a snack. Fat chance of that, he thought dully as he struggled to a standing position. Thankfully for his feet, the rocks here were smooth by the tide and not painful to walk on, just awkward to keep one in a standing position. He moved slowly forward, not sure where he was or where he should go from here. Clothes and somewhere warm were a priority, to be sure.

There was a broken down warehouse nearest to him so he made for that, a hunched figure plodding along as if in a daze. It usually took awhile to recover from an incident. He made a startling picture of a drug addict if one were to glance at him going by. His ribs showing through his sides and his shivering in the cold. Yet there wasn't one mark, bruise, or cut on him.

It took both hands and some effort to get the door open, Bruce trudging inside and shutting the door on the colder air behind him. As he hugged his arms around himself, he noticed it was decidedly not abandoned in here. There was equipment in the middle of the large space, all of it circled around as if by the work of one individual.


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