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Sixwordstories Posts

[busy working on a cure idea]
[walking along a deserted road, alone]

[Sweeping around Hulk sized wall hole]
Thor stay out of Hulk's movie!!
Nghaa! Don't sneak up like that!
[surveying damage caused by the Hulk]
[fast asleep on a shield cot]
I think I would like that.
[waking up on the bathroom floor]
[passed out after an episode....somewhere]
...I'm so glad it wasn't me.
[fast asleep over his scribbled notes]
You're kidding? A psych eval? Really??
[working, dark circles under his eyes]
For the record, I said no.
[upset, jittery] Who spiked my coffee??
[Experiment in progress, preparing self injection]
[fast asleep on notes, dreaming]
[flustered and embarrassed] We weren't cuddling!
[making a phone call from payphone]
[sleeping off a previous Hulk-out]
[Focused on research in the lab]
[smashing vehicle, hope it's not yours]
[not feeling well at all....dizzy]
[frustrated] Who hid all the decaf?
Someone tell my mun to stop flailing.
Pssst....Steve, come on. We're leaving.
No, absolutely not. Not wearing these.
[...trying to sneak out of Shield]
How do you train a monster?
[alarmed, dart sticking out of shoulder]
[tosses his pencil, dejected] Another failure...
[on the run from Hulkbuster unit]
Hulk is here. NO MORE BANNER!
[fighting to keep the Hulk in!]
[on couch, watching tv for once]
[writing notes for Operation Green Freeze]
Getting out more? Not'a good idea....
SHIELD agents are recruiting penguins now?
I hope she can move on...
[waiting to spar with Captain America]
[the Hulk is spotted rampaging downtown...]
[growls] No! Keep away from me!
[uneasy about field training with Tony]
[stretched out face down, shirtless, unconscious]
[running, avoiding capture...avoiding a transformation]
[out jogging with Thor for "fun"]
I can't be on any team.

Sixwordstories Tags

Hawkeye is brainwashed again
Bruce goes to find cousin Jennifer soon after the gamma incident
Tony drags Bruce on vacation
Meeting of the Bruces
Norse names
All the Pheels
Natasha made dinner
Avengers ordered pizza
Jogging with Hawkeye in the gym
First meetings with Captain America
Sitwell says Abomination is classified
Sneaking to join a pool party at Natasha's
Cap's shield was put in jello
Switching powers with Johnny Storm
Bear hug from Thor
At a baseball game with Steve
Watching Tony drink
Hawk has a headache from doing paperwork
A funny thing to reference
Trying to explain science to Hawkeye
Natasha taking Bruce out to dance
Tony is really really drunk
Finding Tony passed out in his lab asleep
You should never trust Deadpool
Bruce is bitter with Tony
Hulk ends up on another planet
Hulk doesn't believe female steve is Steve
Holiday plans and working in the lab with Coulson
Captain Jack scares Bruce by dying and coming back
Hawkeye should start reading memos
Calling Betty and then meeting her at Stanleys
Bruce speaks science-eese for Darien, the invisible man and agrees to help him
Hawkeye bugs Bruce in the lab, so Bruce turns him blue
Nick Fury does not know personal space
Coulson and a convience store video clip
Discussing his condition with Dr. Hank McCoy
Being treated by nurse Foster
Hawkeye beat up by Shield doctor
Natasha in the gym
Hulk seen by a mermaid
Trapped by Otto Octavius
There's a lion cub loose in the lab
Meeting Bucky in Coulson's office
Why does Hawkeye have a baby??
Angry Thor incites a Hulk out
Hawkeye shooting foam darts
Bruce and Thor taking Steve to a Mets game
Stetson at the coffee machine
Sherlock (deducingfreak) in a coffee shop, Hulk out ensues when he finds him out
In the gym with Cap
Late night talk with Natasha
Creating a new paperwork system for Shield with Hawkeye
Blonsky has found him again
Bruce is dreaming
Hawkeye has captured Bruce for Shield
Amused at thread between Hawkeye and Zira
Pym controlling ants
Ant Man is now giant and loose in the lab
Meeting Donald Blake
Raven isn't ugly
Meeting Wasp
Doctoring a crashed Tony
Amnesia drink to unsuspecting Bruce
Hiding Tony from Fury's wrath
Talking shop with Natasha
Luck takes a turn
Avengers drinking party
Long discussion with Sif about television
Managing not to Hulk out with Charles nearby
Bruce steps up to save Green Lantern
We have poker night?
Steve is embarrassed
Running with Betty
Proposing Operation Green Freeze to Tony
Nick Fury sighting
Found by Charles Xavier
Tortured by Shaw, Hulk out ensues
Camping trip with Steve Rogers
Reluctantly agrees to join the Avengers - Agent Coulson
Hanging out with Tony Stark, being snarky
Runs into Steve at the store
Discussion with Black Widow
Thor destroys a toaster
Followed by Matt Parkman with scary results
Long discussion with freshly thawed Captain Rogers
Stark could take Batman, serious Avengers talk follows and Bruce is in
Kidnapping crazy!Charles from the asylum
Charles helps control Bruce to prevent a Hulk out
Green Lantern meets the Hulk
...later working at Xavier's mansion on a cure
Talking with Xavier about collaborative help


The hug Bruce never wanted
Another reason for Bruce to be paranoid
Halloween party, Bruce dressed like Eisenheim the Illusionist
Bruce needs pants


Wing Meme: Carol and Bruce get to have wings
Drunk Meme: Darcy getting Bruce to play a game
Random Scenario Meme: Thor in the snow (plus loki's final words)
The Wild Side Meme: Bruce the coyote
Amnesia Meme: Tony and Bruce
Captain America Meme: Natasha
Death Meme: Tony
Random Scenario Meme: Rescuing Bucky
Bruce is frozen
Mind Reader Meme: Steve
Angst Meme: kidnapped by Dr. Crane
The Wild Side Meme: Tony the sugar glider
The Wild Side Meme: Blonsky the ferret
Injured/Hurt Meme: Tony and Bruce getting beat up
Rabbit Meme: Sherlock (deducingfreak) is pregnant...with kittens
Random Scenario Meme: switching faces with Hawkeye
Cupcake Meme: Blonsky
Power Games Meme: Hulk talks to Bruce
Cupcake Meme: Sherlock turns Bruce into a cat
Amnesia Meme: saving Natasha
Hangover Meme: waking up at the docks with Tony
Amnesia Meme: Hawkeye
Baby Meme: babysitting with Hawkeye
Hug Meme: the most awkward hug ever with Thor
Autocorrect Meme: so many typos to Steve
Hangover Meme: the Illusionist!
Amnesia Meme: Sherlock and Jennifer
Elevator Meme: Hawkeye
Drunk Meme: Sherlock (deducingfreak) gets Bruce smashed
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Female Blonsky tracks down Bruce
Texts from Last Night Meme: Bruce texting while drunk
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Bruce and Hawkeye
Elevator Meme: Stuck with Coulson and Tony
Body Switch Meme: Thor
Watching over crazyAU!charles while he sleeps
Bad End Meme: for the Hulk and Thor
Bad End Meme: for Loki and the Hulk
Being shot at by Wesley Gibson
Hulk attacks Asgard, Loki and the Asgardians fight back
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Bruce

David Banner (tv series)

[lifting car up high] HULK SMASH!!!
Sneaking into Tony Stark's lab on an alias
Saved in the nick of time by Smallville Clark
Hulking out after encounter with Jack and a weevil
Please, no...don't make me angry.
[rearranging a car...with his fists]
[walking along street, thumbing a ride]
Running from Sam Tyler
Fight with Alex Mercer, a virus
Helping Spiderman hold up a building
Adventuring isn't a good idea
Saving Pepper from an exploding truck
Discussing Banner's choice of pants with Tony and Movie Banner
TV meets Movie Banner
[lifting car over his head] AAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Hulk/Ironman fight
Helping someone with muscle spasms
The Hulk meets A-team's Murdock
Chasing Patrick down the street
[shaking] No...not here, not now!
A tribble?
[smashes through wall, yelling at people]
Taking anger out on Tony's lab
Wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


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