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Bruce got out of the car, looking around curiously at the place Shield had brought them to. Apparently there was a meeting to be held and it couldn't be done at Stark tower. "Nice place," he commented as he and Tony Stark walked towards the large setup in the woods. It was a large clearing, taken over by Shield for a base. Not unlike the one set up around Thor's hammer but with more buildings than tent like structures. Tony doesn't seem impressed at all, thinking this is all a waste of his time and energy to come to the middle of nowhere.

Bruce is taking it in his stride, wondering what Fury could be up to this time. There were more cars arriving, presumably the rest of the team. Bruce walked with the others towards the main building in the center, settling his nerves as they pass different agents standing guard.

He never was comfortable around weapons but he'd mellowed some since his first incident.

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Blonsky doesn't get the luxury of windows, but at least they're in the same boat when it comes to lack of immediate information. He's told he has to come with the agents and is loaded into an armored vehicle. It's a long ride but eventually they come to a stop. All the agents have indicated they're armed with more than just sidearms, but a solid dose of sedatives and any misconduct on his part will eliminate any chance of his further participation in future activities.

He's apathetic, but plays along because he's clearly being let in on something big, and if it's a chance to get out from under Ross's thumb for a while, it's worth it.

When he steps out, the rigid but temporary structures are the first thing he notices, followed by the parking lot of black escort vehicles. Whatever this is, it's bigger than he realized, and now his curiosity has the better of him. Each step closer, even covered on all sides by agents, has his mind less on thoughts of escaping, and more intrigued by what's going down. Inside, he follows a side-hall which takes him away from where he can see the majority of people have gone, thanks to dirt and grass tracked into the place, but he still seems to be heading to the center of this little circus ring.

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When Blonsky walks into the room he's actually visibly surprised by the audience before him. He wasn't sure what he'd been expecting, but this was not quite it. His arms are shackled to his sides, but enough effort could probably change that.

His eyes however, come to rest on Banner and they lock on him. Blonsky is actually too surprised to be in the same room with this man to give him any sort of threatening glare at the moment. Instead, he looks more curious, and for just a moment the faint hint of a smile flashes at the corner of his mouth before he becomes composed again and sits where he's instructed.

"Banner." He nods to acknowledge the man, then practically flops back into the chair since he can't exactly sit down in a normal fashion. He does, however, manage some semblance of proper posture as he starts to eye up the rest of the table. Stark he'd be an idiot to not recognize, but the other two are unknowns and he wonders what part they have to play in whatever game is going on right now. The woman has an impressive poker face, and the man next to her is shielding his eyes behind a set of dark glasses. It's an interesting crowd, to say the least.

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Tony isn't exactly oblivious to the exchange, between Banner, Blonky or Fury. For the moment he's quietly observing the trio. He knows exactly who Blonsky is, thanks to an incident at a bar with Ross. The smiles and laughter are gone out of respect for Banner's clear unease around the soldier.

Blonsky has had decades of people shooting him that look, and Fury doesn't even get a reaction from him. He just sits there, watching back as if the nonverbal exchange had never happened. The remark about a target range, however, earns a raised eyebrow. He treats it as any other briefing though, and sits still while keeping his mouth shut. He has a feeling some of his questions might just be answered if he listens.

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Blonsky watches Cap come in, his eyebrows managing to raise up a little higher. This was a man of legend, the very sort of soldier, physically at least, that everyone wanted to become. This was the prototype for that chemical mess swimming in his own veins. Blonsky wouldn't exactly call Captain America his childhood hero, but he was an idol of sorts, and there he is, across the table from him. Belatedly that nod is returned, simply one soldier acknowledging another.

His attention turns back to Fury who manages to answer some of his questions. They wanted him to be a team player, well, someone aside from Fury wanted him to be a team player. That much was clear. Blonsky merely nods to affirm he's heard that he's on a parole status with the team until otherwise decided. It was going to be a very interesting week.

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Blonsky rolls his eyes a bit as he looks back over at Banner when he jumps up and starts to complain. Blonsky seems less than impressed, while Cap looks confused at Banner's reaction, along with extraordinarily worried. He wasn't clueless that something wasn't right about a man being brought in with restraints and a tightly-wound set of guards, but he didn't have the full debrief on what else had happened in the time since he'd thawed out.

Blonsky wants to make a snide comment, something to egg Banner on and make him more tense. He's been waiting for this sort of meeting for a long time but right now his better option is to wait it out. With the guard all around, and it's unlikely Fury is unprepared, he sticks to a brief curl of his lip.

"Sit down and shut it." He snarls, hardly a pleasant tone but it's not exactly trying to needle Bruce into anything either. There's a time to prod and a time to back off. If Blonsky wants anything close to a chance at Banner, he has to play ball for a little while.
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There's a bored look on Blonsky's face at the whole exchange, but privately he's quite smug at Bruce being the weak link here when it came to holding it together right now. Blonsky was relatively calm while Bruce had his little fit across the table there, throwing his own teammates into a state of alarm. Fury's semi-directed warning just added icing to the cake and Blonsky slumped back in his chair slightly, relaxing while Banner remained in whatever heightened mental state he'd worked himself into.

"Yes, sir." Blonsky still responds like a dutiful soldier to acknowledge the task given to them, but it's also partially out of habit. Fury doesn't look impressed or amused, and his next glare aimed at Blonsky tells him he's still being watched. This is his only warning to be on his better behavior, and not to instigate a situation.

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Cap quickly looks from Banner to Blonsky and then Fury, an accusatory and somehow inquisitive look on his face. More secrets, more half-truths and cover-ups. He wasn't pleased because these are the things that fail missions before they start.

More indifference as everyone is on edge but when Banner pins Harlem on Blonsky, he leans forward lazily in his chair a bit. If his hands were free, he'd lean on the table.

"Part of the reason." Most of it, but he wasn't going to mince words, or play innocent either. There's no smile on his face or amusement in his tone at admitting to destroying the place. He's accepting what he did, because some of it he's not entirely proud of, but he doesn't run from his actions, he owns up to them even if they aren't popular.

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After their brief little tiff, Blonsky's actually surprised they're releasing his shackles from the band running around his waist. That is, until a plastic weapon is set before him and he suddenly realizes their first activity of the day. Someone somewhere was either a complete idiot, or insane. Or both. Blonsky had a feeling they were looking for his reaction to being 'let loose' with Banner in the same space. Putting him on Cap's team though, was clever.

Blonsky's attention though, is quickly diverted toward Hawkeye and Black Widow. Hell of a pair of nicknames, but looking at them, he could quickly gauge they were SHIELD specialists and they had to be good to be here. This wasn't the childish exercise that Stark made it seem like. It almost seemed unfair to pit a civilian team versus a military team and have them take out a couple experienced operatives.

"Sir, are the teams cooperative or competitive?" It mattered when it came down to the dynamics of the overall exercise.

"Cooperative. This is a team exercise. Is that a problem, Captain?"

"No, sir." Blonsky nodded, knowing that even while they were split up, there would still have to be some measure of working together to take down their targets. The teams were probably there to limit the time he and Banner spent in close proximity.

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Blonsky eyes up Banner as he gingerly handles the weapon, clearly unimpressed. He seems to respect it enough, he's probably handled a weapon of some sort in the past and that actually surprises Blonsky a bit.

Fury has ordered them to work together to get the mission done, but Blonsky can't help the snort and accompanying crooked grin at Banner's discomfort with the weapon. He receives a warning glare from Fury, but has enough mind to bite his tongue and keep to himself whatever words he'd been considering.

Hawkeye and Widow are given a good start, and it's Cap who gives out a plan of attack. Whether the 'civilian' team will follow is Blonsky's guess, but he'll be covering the legendary soldier's flank until otherwise ordered to go after their targets.

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Blonsky eyes that laser sight and grins. At least someone around here is willing to bend the rules. He actually argues on behalf of Tony, but adds in a dig that the billionaire needs the help without his suit. Tony runs with it, of course, though he still seems wary of Blonsky. No one here is pretending the man is out to make friends, so whatever agrees with Blonsky might not always be a good thing.

Eventually they part ways in an attempt to catch the spies between the two teams. It isn't a guarantee, but they'll cover more ground and have a better canvas of the limited space if they spread out.

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At least it's only a paintball this time. Blonsky is keeping tight formation with Cap, the two soldiers working their way quickly and efficiently through the brush as silently as they can manage. It's actually Blonsky who catches the indication that their prey has been in the area very recently, silently flagging Steve and they both drop to a knee.

A series of quick hand signals and a nod of understanding is all that's required as they spread out. The spies have decided to take down the more organized threat first, and once they're just out of range, Hawkeye and Widow strike. Blonsky just barely dodges a trap only to find another coming right at him, and then the spy herself is in his face, swinging away as she maneuvers him toward further obstacles. She doesn't pull a single punch as she makes it completely ineffective to get the gun into play in the fight, and Blonsky falls back on his own training. She forces him backward, and then one of the traps sets him off balance.

The fight is anything but quiet, and he can hear Hawkeye and Cap going at it somewhere else too. His focus needs to be on her though, but eventually she gets the better of him, a swipe of her leg on the ground knocking him down and he rolls as another trap drops from directly overhead. It buys the illusive woman enough time to slip off into the woods as Blonsky collects himself. He's incredibly surprised and impressed by the speed and quality of the attack, and he's a bit dizzied by it all, requiring a few precious moments to get his head back on straight.

"Bloody..." He presses his heels to his eyes and then picks up his weapon at his side.

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"Damn." He hits the ground with his empty fist, but it also doubles as an effective way to get back to his feet. When he gets up he looks around for any additional traps, only to lay eyes on a figure. It's not Bruce, no, he knows he wouldn't be that easy to spot. He snarls at Tony's direction and then turns as he hears Cap call out to the team.


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