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It must have been quite a rampage.

Trees broken down, strewn all over. Buildings flattened.

Too bad the one that made the mess was no longer around. Bruce wasn't about to remember any of it, passed out cold in the grass without a shirt. Looking more like a victim than a threat.

on 2016-10-17 12:59 am (UTC)
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Raiden did not take kindly to intrusions, and had been speeding his way to where his magic had told him Shang Tsung's lackeys had entered the realm. When he arrives at the scene, however, the roiling clouds about him come to an unnatural halt as thunder echoes throughout the space. The place is in shambles and whatever is left of the small, local invasion is either flattened or returned whence it came.

He hovers lower to the ground, wondering who or what could have routed the Outworld forces and left such a mess. He's also looking for any victims which could need aid and he's not left wanting. Seeing a body laying in the grass he quickly jogs towards Bruce, storm clouds slowly gathering over the area, lightning flickering between them but no rain falling just yet.

Raiden kneels beside Bruce, cautiously reaching out to the thin man and wondering how he is still breathing after being somehow involved in whatever flattened the place. He touches Bruce's shoulder, his fingers warm and tingling faintly with electricity.

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He's weak, and while he seems otherwise uninjured, there's something unnatural about the situation. Mortals did not simply survive an invasion like this without some injury. Still, he can tell he is native to Earth and will do what he can. Reaching out with both hands now he holds them a few inches above Bruce and mumbles in a language of his own, restorative magic flowing toward the weakened man in a soft blue stream of light.

on 2016-10-17 01:15 am (UTC)
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The man is certainly alive, and while his ability to make clear judgement is yet to be determined, that blue glow will slowly dissipate as Raiden stops his magic.

"Can you tell me what happened here?" A low, gentle voice will greet Bruce as Raiden sets his hands to his knees and looks at the man from under the brim of his hat with glowing blue eyes.

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"Earthrealm." First thing first, though the man was of an Earthen origin, he could still be from Outworld. "We are not far from a Shaolin Temple."

The clouds overhead are still gathering, but not with any sense of speed. A far-off rumble of thunder makes its way to them.

"I can bring you there, they will provide clothing and shelter." Food also, which the man looks like he could use.

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"I am Raiden, and this will take but a moment. You may wish to close your eyes." He sets a calm hand on Bruce's shoulder, looking toward the sky. He will glance back to make sure Bruce has heeded his warning before a lighting bolt will strike where they sit. It is harmless, no actual electricity charging through Bruce but it will be loud and bright when they disappear and reappear at the Temple grounds.

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Raiden keeps a steady hand on Bruce's shoulder, but once the man's hearing recovers he'll notice Raiden is speaking a different language. In Chinese he's conversing with a man in saffron robes who's approached but keeping his distance. Once they've exchanged brief words, Raiden turns back to Bruce.

"You are safe here. You may open your eyes."

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"We would see that you are warmed and fed before you leave us. What is your name?" Raiden worries about that gaze, wondering if perhaps he had suffered a trauma that wasn't physical. He wanted to know what had happened, but seeing that this man was tended to properly was a higher priority.

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Raiden stands with Bruce, and when he nearly falls he reaches out, wrapping a hand about his waist and supporting him with an unnatural ease, as if Bruce's weight was nothing to him. The Shaolin monk nods at Raiden, and his hat bobs in return before the man heads off at a brisk walk.

"You are welcome to stay as long as you need, Bruce. You are not the first stranger the monks here have tended to. You look in need of a good meal, in the least." Raiden won't drag Bruce after the monk, he'll let the man's feet set the pace and provide easy support to help him toward the temple entrance. Beyond that stone gate are a series of tall stone spires, like something he might have seen in India or Southern China.

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"A meal and clothing will not take long, Bruce. Whatever routed Shang Tsung's forces has sent them with their tails between their legs, and my wards around the temple are strong. You are safe here, but afterward I will take you wherever you wish to go." He hopes, however, to see if he can gain some details about what could thrash said forces so thoroughly while Bruce eats.

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That light in Raiden's eyes flickers, uncertain what has Bruce so concerned but he nods as he brings him up the stairs and down a hallway. The place smells of flowers and a calming incense and sound travels well. He would hear the gentle tones of singing bowls and voices softly in the distance, meditations of pious men as Raiden brings Bruce to a room. The space is sparse with a low table and no chairs, but the cot is quite comfy and there's a warm blanket and pillow rolled neatly at an end. On the opposite side of the bed he'll see a spare set of robes in good condition waiting for him.

"Food will be brought shortly. I will be outside if you need anything."

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That causes concern to flicker across his face and he nods.

"You are very much alive, Bruce. Whatever interfered earlier you have to thank for that. Shang Tsung has been attempting to invade this realm for thousands of years, and his fighters show no mercy."

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"Do not worry. Change, rest a little. I will wake you when the food arrives." There will also be tea, of which Raiden will actually share but that will come later. Until then, Raiden offers a polite inclination of his head before turning to depart the room and give Bruce some privacy. He will not be going far though, remaining outside the door as a silent sentry to see that he isn't disturbed.

on 2016-10-25 12:00 am (UTC)
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Raiden periodically checks on Bruce, making a few departures to tend to other things while they wait patiently for him to wake back up. A monk brings cushions for the floor, leaving one on either side of the table and Raiden's post will be tended to by an unarmed but strong-looking young monk.

When Bruce wakes, his guard will peer around the corner and give a nod. A few minutes later there will be a rumble of thunder from outside and shortly thereafter Raiden's voice will be heard outside again. His tone is unmistakably appreciative, whether Bruce understands Chinese or not.

Raiden will come into the room, tea tray in hand as he moves over to the table and goes about preparing it for two.

"I hope you rested well, Bruce."


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