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[Small blurb I wrote after reading a few entries about Agent Hill. Don't know if I got the voices right but I gave it my best shot]

"Banner! Hold it."

Bruce winced internally as he heard Agent Hill's footsteps coming up behind him. He turned around, hoping this wasn't going to be a scene. He'd heard scare stories from Clint about her but had managed to avoid the agent thus far. She was positively radiating an icy demenanor while at the same time looking furious. "I want to talk to you about this civillain you brought into the mansion." At first, Bruce didn't know what she meant but his eyes widened as he realized she meant Betty. "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously. Agent Hill narrowed her eyes at Bruce. "Don't think I know why you brought Dr. Ross here, this is an agency project NOT a boarding school. We're not keeping her here so you two can make out in the bushes after dark." Bruce set his jaw at that, keeping his temper in check. "That's not why..." he started but she interrupted him with a finger tapping against his chest. "You are here for security reasons. She isn't. I know what's going on between you two. I've already planned on talking to Director Fury about this but I'm giving you the chance to boot her out before I do."
His fist clenched at that, looking away before he decided to do something extremely socking her in the face. He said as calmly as he could, "Dr. Ross is an expert in her field, I can work twice as fast with her help." Agent Hill snorts as if she doesn't believe that. "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. No, Banner, that doesn't fly with me. I'm not putting up with that from you, I already get too much of that from Stark." She leaned in to his personal space with an icy glare. "Deal with this before I deal with it for you." Bruce keeps his eyes pointedly averted till she walks away and lets out the breath he was holding. He scrubs a hand across his face, trying to keep calm as he walks the other way down the corridor.

After a moment, Tony, Hawkeye, and Thor step out of their respective doorways from where they had been listening in, Hawkeye close behind Tony with his hand out and a grin on his face. "Pay up, Stark." Tony shakes his head as he digs out a wallet, "How did I lose that?? Cannot believe he didn't go green and kick her teeth in. I would have and Betty's not even my girlfriend." Thor is grinning at this exchange, "Perhaps he is more in control than you thought."
"A good thing, but still to be on the safe side, lets go eavesdrop on that conversation with Fury." Tony not only wanted to make sure Betty was here for Bruce...he wanted to see Hill's face when Fury told her no.
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Bruce kept his eyes closed. He knew he was being dragged somewhere and as much as he wanted to fight back, he couldn't. Whatever they had doped him up with was doing the hula with his brain and he was having a hard time getting it to stop. Despite being numb from the neck up, he could make out the fact that more than one person was holding onto him. There was a pair of hands on each arm, his feet were dragging out behind him as they moved him along.

Bruce hoped fleetingly as he faded in and out of consciousness that he hadn't been captured by Ross.

There was a click and swish of a glass door and Bruce was hauled inside and strapped down to a table. Someone in a white lab coat was mumbling from far away as they shined a light in Bruce's eyes in turn. There was an accent he could only just make out....sounded German.

He must have faded out again because the next moment he was aware of, Bruce was alone. He took a few breaths trying to clear his head and worked his eyes open to stare at the ceiling. This was bad. Very, very bad.
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Bruce was more than a little worried.

He had agreed to some training from Agent Romanov but he wasn't sure exactly what she was going to train him in. He had a little bit of experience with jujitsu but that was just defensive maneuvers. Something to get him by in a pinch., and he wouldn't say this aloud to her, he'd never trained with a woman before.

But here he was, dressed in sweats and headed for the Shield gym. He wondered fleetingly if they should have a larger training area. Like outside. In an empty field. In Switzerland.
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[for [ profile] legacyofiron, [ profile] calmpersistence, and [ profile] capt_rogers if he wants]

It was the middle of nowhere.

Bruce parked the car at the coordinates Tony had said to meet him, the GPS was pointing out this being the place. But there was nothing but desert for miles in every direction. Bruce got out, surveying the sand and tufts of grass with a frown. Could he have made a wrong turn? This was definitely remote, but he thought there would at least be a building here or something.
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It's breakfast time in the Avenger mansion. Bruce is up early already, scribbling in a notepad on the kitchen table and rubbing his eyes now and again...he probably didn't sleep much last night. He's been working on a possible breakthrough for his condition, an idea that he got while laying in bed last night.

The others will probably be up soon...

ooc: any and all avengers or SHIELD peoples to join in! threadjacking encouraged.


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