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Bruce kept his eyes closed. He knew he was being dragged somewhere and as much as he wanted to fight back, he couldn't. Whatever they had doped him up with was doing the hula with his brain and he was having a hard time getting it to stop. Despite being numb from the neck up, he could make out the fact that more than one person was holding onto him. There was a pair of hands on each arm, his feet were dragging out behind him as they moved him along.

Bruce hoped fleetingly as he faded in and out of consciousness that he hadn't been captured by Ross.

There was a click and swish of a glass door and Bruce was hauled inside and strapped down to a table. Someone in a white lab coat was mumbling from far away as they shined a light in Bruce's eyes in turn. There was an accent he could only just make out....sounded German.

He must have faded out again because the next moment he was aware of, Bruce was alone. He took a few breaths trying to clear his head and worked his eyes open to stare at the ceiling. This was bad. Very, very bad.
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Bruce was more than a little worried.

He had agreed to some training from Agent Romanov but he wasn't sure exactly what she was going to train him in. He had a little bit of experience with jujitsu but that was just defensive maneuvers. Something to get him by in a pinch., and he wouldn't say this aloud to her, he'd never trained with a woman before.

But here he was, dressed in sweats and headed for the Shield gym. He wondered fleetingly if they should have a larger training area. Like outside. In an empty field. In Switzerland.
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It had been a very long day. It started with his alarm clock not going off so he was late for the Shield meeting. He rushed into that, very out of breath and made everyone eye him all shifty before he sat down...probably worrying he was going to Hulk out. But he got through that.

Then a few of his experiments fell through, two of which he had been working on for a long time so that was pretty frustrating.
Steve had pushed him a fair bit in training, he was physically exhausted after that.

By the time he got his reports done for the day and plopped them on Coulson's desk, after getting a talk from Fury about them being late, it felt like everyone was just grating on his last nerve.

So when Tony said they were going out drinking and he wouldn't take no for an answer, he nearly snapped at him. Instead, he surprised himself by saying yes. He actually wanted to go out and drink. Because if he went home, he was going to be a bundle of nerves that would barely get any sleep and he would have to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

It was Tony's pick of places so Bruce rode in his car. He barely said two words the whole trip, trying to enjoy the ride but not really wanting to talk.... )
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[for [ profile] legacyofiron, [ profile] calmpersistence, and [ profile] capt_rogers if he wants]

It was the middle of nowhere.

Bruce parked the car at the coordinates Tony had said to meet him, the GPS was pointing out this being the place. But there was nothing but desert for miles in every direction. Bruce got out, surveying the sand and tufts of grass with a frown. Could he have made a wrong turn? This was definitely remote, but he thought there would at least be a building here or something.
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It's breakfast time in the Avenger mansion. Bruce is up early already, scribbling in a notepad on the kitchen table and rubbing his eyes now and again...he probably didn't sleep much last night. He's been working on a possible breakthrough for his condition, an idea that he got while laying in bed last night.

The others will probably be up soon...

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