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It must have been quite a rampage.

Trees broken down, strewn all over. Buildings flattened.

Too bad the one that made the mess was no longer around. Bruce wasn't about to remember any of it, passed out cold in the grass without a shirt. Looking more like a victim than a threat.
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6am and he was already up. Betty had already beaten him out the door, a kiss on the cheek as she grabbed the last bagel. Guess it was going to be toast for him and the house guest. A friend of Betty's father had needed a place to crash last night. They had the spare room handy, how were they to say no? The guy seemed alright, a little quiet maybe. Bruce chalked it up to jeg lag and left him to himself.

The coffee bubbled and brewed, the eggs and bacon sizzled and the toast popped up golden brown. Bruce hummed to himself, a pencil in his mouth as he worked on a few math problems in a well dog-eared notebook.
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The first thing he was aware of was the faint call of the seagulls. And one of them nipping at his hand.

An overwhelmingly familiar ache as if he'd been hit by a truck.

The prone figure groaned and shifted slowly on the sandy ridge near the water's edge. A half clad skinny man who's pants were frayed terribly at the cuffs, his shirt and shoes missing. Bruce shivered his way to a sitting position, his brain still fuzzy from what had happened before. None of it he remembered, but he knew what had happened.

Squinting in the afternoon sun, he tried to get his bearings. He was near the wharf but not so close to the city as to hear the noise from it. He was chilled to the bone from the damp and the seagulls were hovering nearby in case he turned into a snack. Fat chance of that, he thought dully as he struggled to a standing position. Thankfully for his feet, the rocks here were smooth by the tide and not painful to walk on, just awkward to keep one in a standing position. He moved slowly forward, not sure where he was or where he should go from here. Clothes and somewhere warm were a priority, to be sure.

There was a broken down warehouse nearest to him so he made for that, a hunched figure plodding along as if in a daze. It usually took awhile to recover from an incident. He made a startling picture of a drug addict if one were to glance at him going by. His ribs showing through his sides and his shivering in the cold. Yet there wasn't one mark, bruise, or cut on him.

It took both hands and some effort to get the door open, Bruce trudging inside and shutting the door on the colder air behind him. As he hugged his arms around himself, he noticed it was decidedly not abandoned in here. There was equipment in the middle of the large space, all of it circled around as if by the work of one individual.
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He almost had it. Bruce had been following a scientific lead for about a week now. A high dose of complex chemical chains that would remove all signs of gamma radiation from his cells. He had done some testing on his own blood and all seemed well.

Bruce took a breath to settle his nerves, eyeing the blue colored liquid in the test tube. "Here goes nothing....I hope." He carefully took a swallow, making a face at the taste but getting it down well enough. And bracing himself for a violent reaction.


One that didn't come. Bruce opened his eyes, looking down at himself. He didn't feel any different. Maybe that was a good thing. He took his own pulse. Normal.

Uh oh, he hadn't realized time had gotten away from him. He was going to be late for work. Bruce quickly grabbed his coat, heading out the door as he pulled it on. It was his first day as janitor for a large building in New York. Rather than hail a cab, he took his chances with jogging. So far, so good with the formula.
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Bruce got out of the car, looking around curiously at the place Shield had brought them to. Apparently there was a meeting to be held and it couldn't be done at Stark tower. "Nice place," he commented as he and Tony Stark walked towards the large setup in the woods. It was a large clearing, taken over by Shield for a base. Not unlike the one set up around Thor's hammer but with more buildings than tent like structures. Tony doesn't seem impressed at all, thinking this is all a waste of his time and energy to come to the middle of nowhere.

Bruce is taking it in his stride, wondering what Fury could be up to this time. There were more cars arriving, presumably the rest of the team. Bruce walked with the others towards the main building in the center, settling his nerves as they pass different agents standing guard.

He never was comfortable around weapons but he'd mellowed some since his first incident.
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Got your note.



He wasn't even sure he should be emailing this guy. It just didn't seem like Ross's style to leave him with an email address written on his hand. Besides, there were too many unanswered questions about this supposed Bruce Banner.

He only vaguely remembered what had happened leading up to the fight and then it was all a blank spot. But he's almost certain there was another....something. It's hard to pick apart what he saw for sure and what he thought he saw.

Bruce sits with his laptop in a dirty apartment somewhere the next town over. His laptop isn't exactly state of the art but it's outdated enough that it shouldn't raise any flags on the internet. He wasn't even going to use the previous code name he had used, Mr. Green. The General would certainly be looking out for that.
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Bruce had commandeered one of the mostly empty garage sections to work in. He'd felt awful about smashing Bucky's bike to pieces while as the Hulk and was currently sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by the broken and twisted pieces. He was a scientist, he could fix this....right? But the more he looked over a book on motorcycles and back at the dented pieces of metal that used to be a bike, the more hopeless this seemed. Bruce ran a hand over his face with a sigh, this was looking hopeless.

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[Small blurb I wrote after reading a few entries about Agent Hill. Don't know if I got the voices right but I gave it my best shot]

"Banner! Hold it."

Bruce winced internally as he heard Agent Hill's footsteps coming up behind him. He turned around, hoping this wasn't going to be a scene. He'd heard scare stories from Clint about her but had managed to avoid the agent thus far. She was positively radiating an icy demenanor while at the same time looking furious. "I want to talk to you about this civillain you brought into the mansion." At first, Bruce didn't know what she meant but his eyes widened as he realized she meant Betty. "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously. Agent Hill narrowed her eyes at Bruce. "Don't think I know why you brought Dr. Ross here, this is an agency project NOT a boarding school. We're not keeping her here so you two can make out in the bushes after dark." Bruce set his jaw at that, keeping his temper in check. "That's not why..." he started but she interrupted him with a finger tapping against his chest. "You are here for security reasons. She isn't. I know what's going on between you two. I've already planned on talking to Director Fury about this but I'm giving you the chance to boot her out before I do."
His fist clenched at that, looking away before he decided to do something extremely socking her in the face. He said as calmly as he could, "Dr. Ross is an expert in her field, I can work twice as fast with her help." Agent Hill snorts as if she doesn't believe that. "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. No, Banner, that doesn't fly with me. I'm not putting up with that from you, I already get too much of that from Stark." She leaned in to his personal space with an icy glare. "Deal with this before I deal with it for you." Bruce keeps his eyes pointedly averted till she walks away and lets out the breath he was holding. He scrubs a hand across his face, trying to keep calm as he walks the other way down the corridor.

After a moment, Tony, Hawkeye, and Thor step out of their respective doorways from where they had been listening in, Hawkeye close behind Tony with his hand out and a grin on his face. "Pay up, Stark." Tony shakes his head as he digs out a wallet, "How did I lose that?? Cannot believe he didn't go green and kick her teeth in. I would have and Betty's not even my girlfriend." Thor is grinning at this exchange, "Perhaps he is more in control than you thought."
"A good thing, but still to be on the safe side, lets go eavesdrop on that conversation with Fury." Tony not only wanted to make sure Betty was here for Bruce...he wanted to see Hill's face when Fury told her no.
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