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6am and he was already up. Betty had already beaten him out the door, a kiss on the cheek as she grabbed the last bagel. Guess it was going to be toast for him and the house guest. A friend of Betty's father had needed a place to crash last night. They had the spare room handy, how were they to say no? The guy seemed alright, a little quiet maybe. Bruce chalked it up to jeg lag and left him to himself.

The coffee bubbled and brewed, the eggs and bacon sizzled and the toast popped up golden brown. Bruce hummed to himself, a pencil in his mouth as he worked on a few math problems in a well dog-eared notebook.

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Blonsky had been up well before even Betty, but knew enough about civilian habits to keep to himself in the bedroom until a more reasonable hour. Some quiet exercising had kept him busy, and mentally prepared him for a day of waiting to hear back from Ross.

Why he wasn't put up in the military barracks or a hotel on base he couldn't say, but he didn't mind sleeping in what was easily one of the comfiest beds he'd been in for a long time.

He'd heard Bruce finally get up, and he tossed his undershirt back on before finally heading down the stairs. He was honestly surprised when he smelled coffee and a proper breakfast already brewing. He appears in the kitchen doorway, looking a little like a fish out of water in the rather normal house with a normal kitchen, and nodded to Bruce.


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"...yeah." Blonsky sits at the table, watching Bruce cautiously as the man moves around the kitchen with ease. He looks free of any burden, hardly the desperate man he was expecting.

The quiet time in the morning had given him the opportunity to process what had transpired the night before. Not that he had much to go on. He recalled going after a scientist that had been a threat to Ross, a man that had been more than just what they were led to believe. Then quite without preamble he'd woken up to a chopper ride that was like deja vu, landing on the tar mac, walking out to meet Ross. This time though there was no team being assembled. No target to be pursued.

He silently shoveled an egg into his mouth and chewed, wary eyes minding every move the calm man made.

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"They're fine." He barely swallows before talking. He chases it with a thankful chug of coffee, tearing his eyes away from Bruce. So far that he could piece together, things were not how they were supposed to be. To start with, he wasn't a Captain, he was a Colonel, which confused the heck out of Blonsky. Since when had he been relegated to riding a desk? Physically he was in proper shape for missions, not signing forms, which further confused him. However he spun it, he couldn't quite piece together the why of his situation. The how he could ignore, until a later time.

Why had Ross of all people stuck him in a house with his daughter and this mild-mannered scientist?

Blonsky tries keeping his eyes downcast to his plate, lest he stare at Bruce more and make the man suspicious. He had to figure this out before things went south. He didn't want to be on the receiving end of the monster's wrath again, just yet.

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Blonsky finds Bruce's apparent obliviousness makes this whole situation worse. The guy was trying to make small talk, even offering him a ride into town for whatever business Ross was dragging him here from London.

"General Ross said he'd call me some time today. I won't know until then." Blonsky felt painfully vulnerable admitting that lack of information, but it was also his own way of trying to fish out something from Banner. He didn't know if it would work, he was trained to tear information out of someone, not ask politely.

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The sound Blonsky makes in return is an instinctive snort at Ross being called busy. Bruce didn't know the half of it. He picks up the toast on his own plate, still trying to puzzle over why he was here. He wonders about the experiments he'd once been told about.

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Okay, Banner definitely had no idea what he was to Blonsky. Not with that line he delivers with enough innocence to make Blonsky want to throw his toast onto the plate and reach over it to throttle the scientist. He abstains from his desire for physical confrontation though, because this could make the day quite interesting if he plays his cards right.

"Culver?" He inquires, just to make certain at least that much hasn't changed. And for the record he has no intention of using Bruce's first name, ever.

on 2015-10-31 02:11 am (UTC)
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"I know of it. Haven't been there." Yet, but that would change if he had a say in it.

"But I'd be interested to visit. If Ross doesn't call within the hour my day is shot and I might as well make something of it." Going by the lack of communication so far, Blonsky had a feeling Ross was putting out a fire somewhere and he'd have to wait his turn for the General's attention.

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Blonsky does get a phone call within the hour, but it only confirms his suspicions. Ross is 'indisposed' at the moment, and Blonsky will have to wait until tomorrow to see him.

He decides against the dress blues and dons his military fatigues since they don't require a display of his notably large collection of medals. It's also more difficult for civilians to note at first glance that he's sporting a Union Jack. He puts his beret on with a practiced doff, setting it perfectly straight before heading back downstairs.

"Ross is busy the rest of the day."


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